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Addiction is a devastating disease that often requires inpatient treatment to help you overcome the tenacious grip of the disease. Rehabilitation centers are designed to help people overcome the irresistible craving for drugs, which often appear after the course of rehabilitation. Besides, rehabs partner with hospitals where qualified medical staff is ready to help people throughout the detox process, which can be life-threatening in some cases.

Top 40 Drug Rehabs in California

Let’s observe the line-up of the best rehabilitation centers in California and pay the utmost attention to their services and ratings.

1. New Life Recovery Centers

New Life center provides inpatient and outpatient treatment options for alcohol and drug dependence. Their qualified staff aims at providing overall support and counseling at every stage of programs. Residential centers are created to sustain a homelike environment where people can feel comfortable and yet engage in therapeutic treatment, group and individual counseling, and receive community support.

Address: 782 Park Ave #1, San Jose, CA 95126

New Life

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New Life Recovery Center is accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The main treatment directions include:

  • Alcoholism treatment with the help of 12-step programs and AA meetings;
  • Dual diagnosis treatment (bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, etc.);
  • Support for mental health (sessions with psychologists and addiction specialists);
  • Opioid addiction treatment with physical and mental support included.

New Life Recovery Centers

The sober living house is located in San-Hose and is certified by the District Attorneys office in Santa Clara County. Patients get therapeutic and emotional support; they have access to all necessities and facilities, stay involved in household duties, exercising, and spiritual practices. Specialists help them restore a healthy lifestyle and provide nutritional education.

The center accepts adult men and women aged 36-63 and young adults (18-35). All customer reviews are highly positive, with former clients being grateful for the professional support and fantastic attitude of the staff.

2. Soledad House

This place focuses on women drug rehabilitation and provides various types of treatment, including the sober house. The majority of treatment plans include the 12-step program, which is suitable for fighting both alcohol and drug dependence. Individual therapy helps them understand the nature of addiction, deal with their emotional and psychological problems, and resists cravings at any stage of treatment.

Address: 810 Emerald St, San Diego, CA 92109


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Aside from individual, family, and group therapy, the specialists also pay specific attention to exercise therapy. Women are kept engaged in:

  • Yoga and meditation;
  • Sports;
  • Spiritual practices;
  • Cooking and nutrition education;
  • Trips to the beach, surfing, swimming;
  • Everyday activities.

Soledad House

Aftercare treatment is also available. Patients can call or visit psychologists, attend 12-step meetings, and group sessions. A lot of attention is paid to relapse prevention. Thanks to a holistic and spiritual approach, treatment becomes more efficient in the long term.

Soledad House headquarters are located in San Diego. The center accepts self-payment and various types of insurance, including MultiPlan, Tricare, Cigna, Anthem, and Aetna. There’s an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews on Google and third-party websites. Former clients praise the center for providing them with comfortable facilities, professional care, and true support.

3. Shoreline Sober Living

Shoreline Sober Living center helps customers addicted to alcohol, drugs, medications, and so much more. The house in North County bases its treatment on the 12-step program. The residential treatment lasts from 30 days to 6 weeks, depending on the customer’s health state, the experience of drug use, aims, and psychological issues. The community strives to provide maximum opportunities to patients and support them as much as possible.

Address: 13334 Tiverton Rd, San Diego, CA 92130


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There’s a detoxification program available: it helps to get rid of crack, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, Vicodin, and meth dependence. Also, treatment from prescription medications is provided. Even within 28 days, the team manages to help patients get rid of acute craving and undergo an unpleasant withdrawal stage. Longer residential treatment options are available, as well.

Shoreline Sober Living

The price of treatment in Shoreline house is pretty moderate: $2,500 for 30 days in the rehab. All customer reviews on Google are exceptionally positive. Former patients are grateful for the genuine care of specialists, saving their lives, and teaching them essential coping skills. The center accepts self-payments, private, and traditional insurance types.

4. Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center

Hillcrest center offers various services: family therapy, inpatient and outpatient dependence treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamics, 12-step program, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and so much more. This is an excellent choice for undergoing all-out treatment after detoxification.

Address: 3821 Marks Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Hillcrest Adolescent

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Why patients select this option? First, specialists are aimed at reaching long-term results and help patients get rid of addiction once and for good. The team makes sure there are no triggers for relapse, and clients stay surrounded by a caring and supportive community. When offering an individual treatment plan, specialists take into account a person’s background, experience, and genetic make-up.

Aside from eliminating addiction, the center also helps to overcome mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress), and behavioral health disorders. Patients manage to restore a healthy life and learn social skills. Thanks to the convenient house facilities (ponds, fireplaces, swimming pool, tennis court), clients feel cozier.

The majority of customer reviews in Google are 5-star: former clients are content with the quality of support and care. This center is highly recommended to adults who need competent help after the period of detoxification.

5. CASA Recovery

CASA Recovery offers a comprehensive treatment plan for fighting the addiction of any kind, be that drugs, alcohol, or medications. The staff provides individual treatment plans based on the patient’s age, health, the experience of drug/alcohol use, etc. Group education is provided daily, and family therapy is highly encouraged. Individual sessions are performed once a week.

Address: 31877 Del Obispo St #104, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

CASA Recovery

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The list of services provided is pretty extensive and includes:

  • Sessions with a psychiatrist;
  • Addiction counseling;
  • Massage, yoga, and acupuncture;
  • Nutrition education;
  • Personal training;
  • Family counseling.

The center accepts direct payments and insurance. Pricing information is not available on the website – a customer should call administrators.

There are hundreds of customer reviews available online in Google – most of them are 5-star. Patients admit that the staff is caring and attentive, and they enjoyed all levels of support. Addiction specialists always help their patients at each stage of the rehabilitation process, and aftercare is pretty useful.

6. Dedicato Treatment Center

Dedicato treatment center provides all essential services for alcohol and drug addicts of any mature age. The luxury residential treatment facility is located in the Sierra Madre, a peaceful, tranquil place which keeps patients away from stress and triggers. Each treatment plan is assigned individually and always includes personal and group counseling. With three to one staff-patient ratio, the recovery process becomes much more efficient.

Address: 22 W Carter Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024


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The center’s array of services includes:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectal behavioral therapy
  • Psychological education
  • Treatment of dual diagnosis and co-occurring diseases
  • Art therapy
  • 12-step program meetings

Every group is small (up to 6 people), so each patient gets enough attention and care. Aside from consultations, the center also provides a lot of options for entertainment and physical development.

Dedicato center accepts various insurance plans and self-payment options and is fully licensed by Californian state authorities and the Department of Health care. There are many positive reviews on Google, and former patients admit that the staff was very attentive and careful. It goes without mentioning the splendid facilities and convenient living conditions.

7. The Hills Treatment Center

This recovery center is located in Los Angeles, West Hollywood. It helps patients with all kinds of addictions: drugs, opioids, alcohol, and other substances. The sober house boasts high-class amenities and splendid décor: there’s a lot of greenery around, two pools, and a gazebo. A peaceful and quiet atmosphere is topped off with strong community support.

Address: 8207 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046

The Hills Treatment Center

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The center offers the whole range of rehabilitation services starting from detox under 24/7 medical supervision, ending by aftercare support and counseling. Aside from it, the team addresses such issues as:

  • Dual diagnosis and co-occurring diseases (bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia) and anorexia;
  • Mental and psychological disorders;
  • Behavioral health disorders.

There’s a vast number of positive customer reviews on Google and third-party websites. Former clients admit that the staff is highly professional, and facilities are truly luxurious and comfortable. The only major drawback is the cost: $40-50,000 for 30 days. The center can only be recommended to deep-pocketed clients like businessmen and celebrities.

8. Resurgence Behavioral Health

This drug rehab in Orange County has helped over 10,000 families to overcome drug addiction and restore healthy life. The center specializes in drug addiction treatment and helps patients deal with stress, fear, anxiety, traumas, and emotional pain. Resurgence offers detox programs, inpatient and outpatient programs, and aftercare support.

Address: 3151 Airway Ave suite E1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Resurgence California

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Aside from offering an efficient residential treatment plan, the team also provides such options as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy;
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy;
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy;
  • Detoxification therapy in clinics.

Every day in the treatment center starts with a healthy breakfast and counseling with a psychologist or addiction specialist. Individual meetings are organized at least once a week. The holistic approach helps patients restore their social skills, find inner harmony, and acquire essential coping skills.

The vast majority of client reviews on Google, and third-party platforms are positive. People admit the place is nice and clean, so they felt at home. The psychological treatment and care of staff helped people overcome addiction and get back to full-fledged life.

9. Broadway Treatment Center

Broadway center works with customers addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other substances. It provides comprehensive treatment options and works closely with the whole families helping all members to overcome dependence together. There are two basic treatment options available: with and without hospitalization – patients decide whether they want to stay home or pass treatment in special facilities.

Address: 18582 Beach Blvd STE 214, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Broadway Treatment

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There are several inpatient treatment plans available with the durability of 30, 60, and 90 days. During the course of treatment, patients are kept away from the influence of triggers and society. The interaction with the outer world is highly limited. The supportive community helps clients and guides them throughout the process of rehabilitation.

Note that the program is available only after detox, and the patient’s health is closely examined by doctors and specialists. Aside from medication-assisted therapy, the team also uses psychotherapy. Both female and male houses are offered. The center accepts self-payment and many popular types of medical insurance.

10. Lighthouse Treatment Center

Lighthouse treatment center has helped over 20,000 patients through the time of its existence. It offers top-notch comfortable facilities, professional help, safe medical assistance, and master-level treatment. The duration of inpatient treatment is 30-90 days and includes individual and group counseling, exercising, trauma management, learning, nutrition counseling, and so much more.

Address: 1310 W Pearl St, Anaheim, CA 92801


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The center aims at providing a comprehensive range of services, such as dual diagnosis treatment, coping skill development, family therapy, holistic development, EDMR trauma treatment, aftercare support, and outcome management. The center is LGBTQ-friendly and works with patients of all ages and sex.

Also, clients enjoy the whole range of amenities and activities:

  • Yoga and meditation;
  • Fitness & sports;
  • Art & music therapy;
  • Experiential therapy;
  • Mindfulness training;

All in all, there are different treatment modalities, and customers can choose how exactly they want to pass the rehabilitation process.

There is a huge number of customer reviews on third-party websites. People are grateful to the center for saving their lives. The staff is competent and caring, but there are a few drawbacks, such as limited time with counselors and no access to the Internet.

11. Melrose Recovery Group

Melrose Recovery offers comprehensive treatment options and professional help to clients with alcohol and drug dependence. The recovery center is located in Los Angeles and features top-notch amenities to keep clients engaged in physical and mental development. Both female and male treatment options are available. Melrose center practices a holistic approach to treatment – it aims to restore customers’ mental and psychological health, too.

Address: 1247 N Lakeview Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807

Melrose Group

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There’s a broad array of activities and entertainment options present:

  • Art and music therapy;
  • Meditation and yoga;
  • Physical exercises and fitness.

Before starting working with patients, specialists assess their physical and psychological state, analyze the experience of substance use. Since the rehab is located in a faraway place, this option is highly recommended to the patients who should be kept away from the negative environment and certain groups of people. Staying away from home means avoiding undesirable contacts.

Programs usually last 60-90 days and include detox period, as well. The center organizes 12-step meetings, provides aftercare support, and helps with post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Note that the sober house has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, a strict set of house rules, and assigned house duties.

The center accepts self-payments, credit cards, and various types of insurance.

12. Clear Recovery Center

The Clear Recovery center helps with all types of addictions (alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, opioids, sex) and runs several sober houses, including the one in Redondo Beach, California. The facility is located far from vibrant locations – a peaceful atmosphere helps customers focus on their recovery and stay away from the sources of craving.

Address: 201 Herondo St, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Clear Recovery

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The center is accredited by Joint Commission (JCAHO) and works with adults, young adults, and representatives of the LGBTQ community. Separate programs for men and women are available. Patients attending individual and group meetings enjoy private settings and non-judgment atmosphere.

Aside from providing psychological consultations, the team also teaches patients life skills (money management, communication, career guidance, time management, and so on). Also, there is medical nutrition therapy available: individual nutrition plans are provided by professional nutritionists or certified dietitians.

Unfortunately, there is no payment information on the website – it can be provided only upon request. The center accepts different types of insurance and direct payments.

13. Healthy Life Recovery

Heathy Life Recovery center runs a sober house in San Diego and focuses on the overall treatment of body, mind, and soul. The wholesome approach helps clients open the full potential and reduce the risk of relapse. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment options are available, and the team practices an individual approach to each patient. Aside from group and individual counseling, patients undergo daily practice to boost their self-esteem and find new goals in life. A lot of attention is paid to the nutrition plan, as well.

Address: 1010 Turquoise St #356, San Diego, CA 92109

Healthy Life

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The sober house in San Diego provides all essential amenities and services for the full-fledged treatment of customers. They enjoy the private space and the opportunity to spend time with their peers. The majority of treatment plans are based on the 12-step program. At each level, care is individualized. What’s important, the staff provides customers with essential tools for maintaining everlasting sobriety and resisting craving.

There is a decent number of customer reviews on Google. People say that the Healthy Life Recovery center taught them to live a life without drugs and alcohol. They found friends and received incomparable support. They liked the staff, the environment, and facilities in general.

14. Bridges to Life Detox and Recovery

BLDR center provides all essential types of treatment: outpatient and inpatient (residential) treatment, medically assisted detox, and aftercare support. It offers programs lasting 28-90 days, helping people dependent on drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, and other substances. The center runs the location in Anaheim: this is a cozy and convenient house with all essential facilities and amenities.

Address: 1313 N Brookhurst St, Anaheim, CA 92801

Bridges to Life Detox

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Prior to being admitted for treatment, each potential patient undergoes professional medical and psychological evaluation. Specialists perform a thorough mental and physical health screening to figure out the underlying issues which might affect the process of rehabilitation. During the stabilization stage, the staff uses medical-assisted treatment with advanced drugs, such as suboxone, methadone, or whatever is appropriate.

Bridges to Life Detox and Recovery is highly recommended for patients seeking privacy because this is a small 6-bed facility. Staff focuses on each patient and provides maximum support and care. All customer reviews in Google are 5-star – people admit that the staff is truly caring and passionate about what they do.

15. Phoenix Rising Recovery

Phoenix Rising Recovery offers residential treatment with 24/7 support and care: programs last from 30 to 90 days. Each plan is gender-specific, with male and female programs available separately. The team deals with a large array of addictions (drugs, alcohol, opioids, painkillers, and other prescription medications). According to the center’s statistics, treatment success is 76-78% compared to clients who refused from treatment. Their residential program has a 65% completion rate.

Address: 35450 Pegasus Ct, Palm Desert, CA 92211

Phoenix Rising

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The residential treatment center provides all essential amenities, features a pool and Jacuzzi, an in-house gym, and various entertainment options. The team offers various types of therapies and treatments:

  • Dual diagnosis (anxiety, stress, depression, post-traumatic disorders);
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy and development of coping mechanisms;
  • Family therapy;
  • Music and art therapy for treating co-occurring mental diseases;
  • Mindful meditation.

16. PACE Recovery Center

PACE center works with various types of addictions: alcohol, drugs, medications for pain management, and other substances. It offers Huntington Beach Residential Program that includes medical detox and further psychological help to patients. Before coming up with an individual plan, the team assesses a person’s history of overdose, mental illnesses, the experience of substance use, and underlying disorders. The length of stay depends on the patient’s needs: some programs last 90 days, some take longer. PACE works individually with every addiction.

Address: 20051 SW Birch St, Newport Beach, CA 92660


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Other services of the center include:

  • Extended residential care helps to prevent relapse and boosts the success of rehabilitation programs. It’s also used to manage dual diagnosis in a more or less controlled environment.
  • Transitional living. Gender-specific programs provide a supportive environment and help clients manage their job opportunities and education goals. Such treatment includes the development of life skills, vocational counseling, and 12-step meetings.
  • The young adult program helps adolescents with chemical addictions and behavioral health disorders.

Aside from it, the center provides physical therapy, massage, yoga, neuropsychological care, goal groups, grief and loss management programs, gym, and many other options and opportunities.

17. Insight Treatment

Insight center offers intensive outpatient treatment and puts the focus on continued care after the end of the rehabilitation process. There are three locations for residential treatment available: in Pasadena, El Segundo, and Van Nuys. It works not only with adults but also with adolescents (13-18 years old). The team strives to cure underlying issues, too: anxiety, depression, self-harming, and cognitive-behavioral disorders. Besides, patients are taught coping skills and given tools for relapse prevention.

Address: 115 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245

Insight Treatment

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The program is structured week by week. Clients need to attend group and individual meetings at least once a week. Schedules of sessions can be figured out personally after the assessment of the client’s health, the experience of substance use, and psychiatric issues. As the person develops skills, the number of required sessions reduces. Generally, this center can be recommended to families with addicted teens or adolescents in dire situations. The majority of customer reviews are positive – clients are content with the quality of services and support.

18. Genesis Recovery

Genesis Recovery Center focuses on the treatment of drug, alcohol, and opioid addictions. It helps people to undergo the withdrawal stage, maintain sobriety, and restore their life. The staff aims at making the rehabilitation process serious and yet engaging to reach better results. Patients participate in spiritual activities and visit group and individual sessions at least three times a week. Clinical treatment is added up with 12-step meetings and takes place in a safe and peaceful environment.

Address: 7044 Penfield Ave #3630, Winnetka, CA 91306

Genesis Recovery

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The residential facility has 20 beds for inpatient clients with two-three people sharing a room in an apartment building. There are a few lounge areas with one TV and a few options for entertainment. Food is plain; no special diets and nutritional plans are used.

The staff in Genesis Recovery is qualified and certified. Specialists stick to non-shaming approach and provide a comprehensive treatment combination of social, biological, and psychological support. They track patient’s rehabilitation dynamics to reach better results.

Note that no detox services are provided – patients can get treatment after passing the acute withdrawal stage.

19. Positive Progression

Existing over 30 years, this center offers rehab services in San Jose and San Francisco dealing with alcohol and drug addiction efficiently. Patients are accommodated safely in a comfortable environment. The treatment program for each client is adjusted according to their individual needs and experience of drug use. Staff includes licensed clinical psychologists and leading addiction specialists.

Address: 1721 Lollie Ct, San Jose, CA 95124

Positive Progression

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The center strives to reach better results by combining various therapies, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 12 Step meetings
  • Anxiety management
  • Nutrition education
  • Amino Acid Therapy
  • Exercise therapy

This center is highly recommended to patients who seek privacy and want more attention from specialists – the capacity of residential treatment facilities never exceeds six beds. That allows care providers to focus on each client and assess the rehabilitation progress better.

There are not many reviews available, but those that have been found are highly positive. Former patients admit that specialists treat them politely, without shaming and judging. Facilities and food are more than satisfactory, so this center is worth considering for mid- and long-term treatment.

20. MyTime Recovery

The center treats drug and alcohol dependencies and is located in Fresno. It is accredited by the Joint Commission and LegitScript. The team aims at providing holistic clinical treatment while helping patients build the foundation for a new life. Their overall approach allows restoring mind, body, and spirit, while treatment techniques are aimed at eliminating the roots of addiction.

Address: 83 E Shaw Ave Suite 200, Fresno, CA 93710


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There are all essential services available: detox program, outpatient (day) treatment, and residential programs. The latter may last from 30 to 90 days and includes state-of-art techniques and approaches that balance learning and sober lifestyle. Residents receive dialectical behavioral therapy. All meetings are organized in comfy home-like settings, which helps them relax.

Patients are provided with semi-private or private groups, individual and group psychotherapy, 24/7 medical supervision, trauma therapy options, and family counseling. The team organizes field trips as a part of adventure therapy. Also, fitness and yoga are practiced.

21. APEX Recovery Rehab

Located in San Diego, APEX Recovery center offers the full gamut of rehabilitation services starting from detox programs and finishing by residential treatment in luxury conditions. It has facilities for both men and women, helping them overcome alcohol and substance abuse together with co-occurring diseases. During the medication-management treatment, each patient receives care and enjoy an individual approach tailored to meet their specific needs.

Address: 2810 Camino del Rio S #106, San Diego, CA 92108


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There are two united houses available – both are for eight people, each with private and semi-private rooms. Residences provide inhabitants access to convenient amenities like a pool, spa, courtyard, fireplaces, and TV – all for stress-free, mindful recovery. Meals are formulated to cover patients’ nutrition needs and boost their health. It goes without mentioning overall support from the community and staff.

Center specialists practice various approaches and therapies, including motivational interviewing, CBT, DBT, music and art therapy, EDMR, and equine therapy. Aside from 12-step meetings, the staff organizes aftercare support, relapse prevention measures, and stays engaged in case management.

22. Pax House Recovery

This recovery complex is located in Pasadena, near Los Angeles. Their holistic program includes various practices like 12-step meetings, education groups, family counseling, individual consultations, and alternative methods, such as music, art, yoga, and meditation. The staff works with various addictions, including alcohol, meth, cocaine, prescription medications, opioids, and so on. Before working with each patient, the team assesses their physical and mental health and comes up with individual solutions.

Address: 2052 Lake Ave suite f, Altadena, CA 91001

Pax House

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This center is highly recommended to those who need outpatient treatment. It offers weekly therapy sessions and group meetings like AA and NA. Many alumni continue receiving support after completing their treatment, which serves as a great relapse prevention measure. In Pax House, they also provide sober living residences that help patients restore sobriety once and for good.

The majority of customer reviews in Google are positive: former patients thank the center for saving their lives and providing the necessary support. Although the facilities in the house are moderate, this is a comfortable place with great staff.

23. Sanctuary Treatment Center

Sponsored by AETNA insurance, the Sanctuary treatment center helps patients overcome alcohol and drug dependence and offers private, individually-tailored care in Los Angeles. The team includes professional certified medical staff and addiction experts. There’s the whole gamut of services available: treatment of mental and co-occurring disorders, detox program, family counseling, trauma treatment, and outpatient sessions.

Address: Elizabeth Lake Road, Leona Valley, CA 93551


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There are three facilities run by the center: Sanctuary Oasis, Sanctuary Lakehouse, and Sanctuary Outpatient. These are luxury houses with all essential amenities, including:

  • Pool, spa, sun-deck;
  • Gym;
  • Nutritious meals cooked by the private chef;
  • Entertainment facilities.

All that is added up by weekly outings and local activities (beach, hiking, and so on). Due to the low number of patients, there’s a high staff-to-client ratio, which means every patient gets due attention and care. Specialists stick to holistic treatment and organize art and music therapy, physical fitness sessions, yoga and meditation lessons, and psycho-education groups.

24. New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery offers residential care to people suffering from alcohol and substance abuse and provides a detox program, inpatient, and outpatient treatment modalities. It puts the focus on a mindful approach and helps clients understand the nature of addiction and how to handle it. During 30 days (or more, if required), patients not only get rid of cravings but also learn to control them together with their emotional state.

Address: 906 Dorman St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

New Start

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The team practices an interesting clinical approach: it uses such practices as the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and the Matrix Model. Also, 12-step meetings are organized for clients together with family counseling. The house provides all essential amenities: gym, convenient kitchen, cozy backyard, TV, and so on. Regular outings are also organized as a part of adventure therapy.

There are many positive reviews on Google. Former patients thank the center for every aspect of their recovery: a supportive community, great food and amenities, and incredible professional help. The center accepts self-payment and several kinds of insurance (more info is available upon request).

25. The Bridges of San Diego

This treatment center in San Diego provides help to patients with alcohol, substance, and drug dependence offering a calm, peaceful setting and proper support. This option would be very convenient for customers from El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Lakeside, and the City of San Diego. The team provides inpatient and outpatient treatment options and strives to guide patients through the recovery process to reach maximum results.

Address: 5480 Baltimore Dr #211, La Mesa, CA 91942

The Bridges of San Diego

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The residential treatment facility in San Diego is pretty comfortable and provides all essentials for cozy living. Residents enjoy entertainment options and outings. The team strives to create a genuinely involving atmosphere for patients to feel community support. Also, it takes pride in the intensive outpatient program, which is recommended for customers who want to live home and continue going to work. The program lasts six weeks and includes three individual and group sessions per week (the length of the program is tailored according to the patient’s needs).

All reviews in Google are 5-star since patients are content with all aspects of treatment, starting from the competence of specialists and their care and ending with delicious meals and entertainment options. The center accepts all major types of insurance and financing options.

26. Diamond House Detox

Diamond House offers detox and intensive residential treatment programs that last from 7-10 to 30 days. They practice a holistic approach to treatment and substance abuse striving to deal with the underlying issues and mental problems. Each client is assigned an individual psychologist to attend sessions along with group counseling. Thanks to a personalized treatment plan, individuals manage to recover more successfully.

Address: 8624 Diamond Oak Way, Elk Grove, CA 95624

Diamond House Detox

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Since the center allows not more than six guests at one time, staff can pay more attention to each client. Thanks to the intimate setting and non-judgmental atmosphere, customers manage to deal with their psychological issues better and feel the support of the community. Aside from it, the team helps with chronic pain management, trauma therapy, and medication-assisted therapy. There are three houses available for patients: in Elk Groove, in Sacramento, and in Crown Prince.

There aren’t many customer reviews available. The ones in Google are mostly positive, with customers praising the center for the competence of the staff and excellent nutrition. Generally, this place has a good reputation and is recommended for those who plan 30-day treatment.

27. 1 Method Center

1 Method Center offers the whole gamut of treatment options. Medical detox is provided under 24/7 supervision and is performed in a safe, individualized atmosphere.

Address: 10254 Bannockburn Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90064

1 Method Center

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There’s the whole gamut of inpatient treatment variants available:

  • Primary care is organized to help people identify and treat their problems and restore the balance in their life. It goes along with the Health & Fitness program.
  • Continuing care is aimed at providing the long-lasting foundation for sobriety. It’s recommended to patients with severe addictions and co-occurring issues. The program boosts the effects of the healing process.
  • Extended care, i.e., residential treatment, keeps a person apart from the previous settings and helps to acquire coping skills, build healthy relationships and career/education, and reach the emotional balance. The house accommodates up to 8 people at once.
  • Independent living comes as the continuation of the program and helps people to get ready for living in the real world. It encourages patients to reintegrate into society without distractions and cravings. Alternatively, this program can be replaced by some of the available outpatient options (day or night treatment or individual coaching).

The center accepts direct payments and some popular types of insurance and has a high rating with many positive reviews.

28. Forward Recovery

The center offers various rehabilitation programs, including the detox services for alcohol and drug dependence, residential treatment, and aftercare support. The staff strives to create a stress-free atmosphere and encourage patients to maintain a sober lifestyle and stay clean from both cravings and psychological problems. Thus, clients can undergo the whole process of rehabilitation in one place, which is very convenient.

Address: 9740 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Forward Recovery

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When it comes to residential treatment, it’s organized in luxurious facilities that operate 24/7. The house is located in Los Angeles and provides not only essential amenities but also the opportunities for self-development and various experimental therapies. For example, patients can exercise, practice yoga and reiki, try meditation and acupuncture, step fit, breathwork, and other great things. The staff also teaches customers life skills and coping abilities (for instance, innovative EMDR therapy is available).

After the end of the residential program, patients can undergo the intensive outpatient treatment program. The aftercare program is also available – it’s efficient for preventing relapse.

29. American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine

This center focuses on outpatient treatment of addictions and offers a comprehensive approach. It provides a holistic approach to treatment and strives to transform customers’ behavior, way of thinking, and the attitude to cravings. Its model of care is based on Five A’s (ASSESS, ADVISE, AGREE, ASSIST, ARRANGE). They involve addiction experts and peer educators to provide true community support.

Address: 1533 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

American Addiction Institute

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During the intensive outpatient program, patients visit group and individual meetings, undergo various therapies aimed at treating the underlying mental health and psychological issues. They can get access to the community resources and guidance through self-management of diseases.

If you don’t have time for residential treatment and prefer remote consultations, there’s one interesting feature available: the institute is certified to perform Teletherapy services – you can call them 24/7.

The majority of customer reviews on Google are positive. Former patients claim that the services are beneficial, and Doctor B (FARIED BANIMAHD) is a real expert in his field. Thus, this option is great for those who need remote consultations and guidance.

30. Los Angeles Detox

As its name suggests, the center provides detox and rehabilitation services for individuals struggling with alcohol or substance addiction. There is residential treatment available – it’s recommended to patients who cannot correctly deal with dependence by visiting outpatient sessions only. The service is provided by professional doctors and addiction experts.

Address: 4815 Woodley Ave, Encino, CA 91436

Los Angeles Detox

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Why did former customers recommend peers to undergo residential treatment in LA Detox?

  • Each treatment plan is assigned individually based on the patient’s experience and underlying issues.
  • A psychiatric specialist helps clients to deal with mental and psychological problems, which reduces the risk of relapse and changes their mindset.
  • Although clients stay away from the disruptive influence of the outer world, they have the opportunity to communicate with the family if face-to-face contact is not possible for some reason.

Residential treatment includes medication-management, targeted therapies with the group, and individual sessions. Family therapy sessions are also available. It goes without mentioning nutritional education and properly-made meals.

31. SHORELINE Recovery Center

Shoreline center deals with all kinds of substance addictions (alcohol, medications, cocaine, opioids, heroin, etc.) and offers detox and inpatient programs for men and women. Its full-fledged approach to treatment includes group and individual counseling, medication management, family therapy, and other useful practices.

Address: 1450 University Ave Ste 201, San Diego, CA 92103

SHORELINE Recovery Center

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The holistic approach is based on revealing the underlying issues and help patients get rid of physical, mental, and emotional barriers to healthy living. The staff organizes 12-step meetings and uses three intervention models: Jonson, invitational, and field model. With the SMART recovery approach, it manages to reach high success rates and reduce the risk of relapse greatly.

The center accepts different types of insurance (Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Medical Mutual, and others) and self-payment options. The vast majority of online reviews are positive with former patients and their relatives praising this place for saving lives and providing truly professional support. Also, they claim that the atmosphere in the center is relaxing and stress-free, which is highly important for every customer.

32. Coastline Behavioral Health

The center deals with alcohol and drug addiction in Los Angeles and neighboring areas. The rehab is located in a safe and secure place to protect patients against stress and disrupting the influence of society. The team practices the 12-step program with both group and private therapies available. The inpatient treatment program not only helps clients overcome addiction and cravings but also acquire life skills and develop coping tactics.

Address: 18377 Beach Blvd Ste 210, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Coastline Behavioral Health

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Note that detox and urgent medical services are not provided – customers should undergo the acute withdrawal phase before being submitted for Coastline programs. For each patient, specialists come up with an individual rehabilitation plan, which includes treatment methods for dependencies and co-occurring diseases and post-traumatic disorders.

During the process of recovery in the residential center, patients stay involved in experimental therapy and physical activity, which relieves stress, reduces anxiety, fears, and doubts. Also, patients are encouraged to discover their talents by taking art and music lessons.

33. 310 Recovery

310 Recovery provides the whole gamut of rehabilitation services starting from the detox program where alcohol and drug withdrawal is performed and finishing by inpatient and outpatient treatment plans. The first stage is guided by doctors and medical specialists under 24/7 supervision who help people deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Address: 1741 Hauser Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

310 Recovery

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Next, patients can undergo residential treatment. Patients visit group and individual sessions and try various experimental therapies for reducing cravings and staying sober as long as possible. Such a program lasts 30 days or more depending on the patient’s needs. The support of the community and structured sober environment with scheduled activities allow for restoring healthy life.

The center practices various approaches and therapies:

  • Family counseling;
  • Holistic therapy (yoga and meditation);
  • Relapse prevention planning;
  • Nutritional education;
  • 12=step meetings;
  • Life and coping skills education.

The majority of customer reviews in Google are positive though some patients admit that this place should rather be recommended for people with physical dependence, not mental problems.

34. It’s Time To Recover

Being one of the leading centers in the industry, ITTR offers a wide array of services for beating addiction disorders. All treatment plans are assigned individually and include drug detox programs, inpatient program in their facility (from 30 to 90 days) and outpatient services (individual and group sessions to manage cravings and prevent relapse). Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs are also available.

Address: 1135 W North St, Anaheim, CA 92801

It’s Time To Recover

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The amenities provided by ITTR for residential treatment are more than satisfactory. Patients live in a spacious house in private and semi-private rooms and have access to pool, spa, entertainments, and activities. The staff uses various holistic therapies and experimental approaches. They treat not only dependencies but also underlying disorders.

ITTR accepts various insurance types and direct payments. There are not so many customer reviews available online, but most of them are positive. Former patients are grateful for the professionalism and true support of the community.

35. Legacy Village

Legacy Village offers residential and outpatient treatment options for patients with drug and alcohol dependence. Being a Joint Commission Accredited organization, it offers the whole range of treatment modalities and helps patients enjoy healthy, sober living. For each patient, a treatment plan is assigned individually based on their mental health state, the experience of substance use, and co-occurring diseases.

Address: 1620 Oregon St, Bakersfield, CA 93305

Legacy Village

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During their treatment, patients attend individual and group meetings with certified psychologists. The success of the treatment is magnified not only by individual care but also by the development of life and coping skills, as well a recreation therapy. 12-step meetings are also organized together with faith-based services.

There are three residential rehabilitation centers available: Virginia Street, Monterey House, and Oregon Street Recovery Center. They have private and semi-private rooms, include living areas, TVs, and entertainment zones. Please note that the center accepts patients after the detox phase, so medication management does not include treatment with Suboxone, Methadone, and other similar substances.

36. Hope Canyon

This place offers an integrative approach to substance abuse treatment by providing the options for residential and outpatient treatment so that patients would start their mental and emotional recovery. During any treatment course, clients visit group and therapy sessions and participate in experimental treatment techniques. Residential programs (from 30 to 90 days) are also available. Thanks to the continued support of the staff and community, the team reaches true commitment and long-term success.

Address: 2821 Lange Ave, San Diego, CA 92122

Hope Canyon

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What are the reasons to choose this facility?

  1. Low occupancy (up to 6 people) means a high staff-to-patient ratio and due care;
  2. Simple access to the knowledge of staff and educational materials;
  3. Easy and stress-free transition to the residential rehab and into the society after the end of treatment.

Being certified by Joint Commission Accreditation, the center offers the help of certified physicians, nurses, and therapists. Aside from traditional treatment options, patients enjoy life skill training, art and music therapy, physical exercises, and various activities – all in a serene environment.

37. REVIVE Detox

Revive Detox deals with various types of drug dependence, alcohol, and smoking addictions. It offers a residential inpatient treatment program that includes a holistic approach aimed at lifestyle changes, community and family support, and overall guidance. Thanks to the 3-to-1 staff-client ratio, the center embraces patients in the overall care and manages to reach the best results.

Address: 360 N Vista St, Los Angeles, CA 90036


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During their residential treatment course, which lasts 7-14 days, patients attend group and individual sessions together with 12-step meetings, stay engaged in exciting activities, try music and art therapy, yoga, and meditation, etc. The holistic offering also includes massage, aromatherapy, and acupuncture. There’s a private chef who prepares well-balanced meals, and case manager who helps patients solve their issues of any nature.

There are a few positive reviews about Revive Detox with patients grateful for wonderful services and attentive staff. Although the services in the center are pretty expensive, this option is recommended for those who need a peaceful, secluded place with a very safe and efficient detox program.

38. Experience Recovery

This is a private company with over 150 years of experience in the sphere of addiction treatment. They offer a complete wellness program: medication-assisted detox, day treatment, traditional and intensive outpatient program, transitional living, aftercare, and, of course, residential program. Before offering an individual treatment plan for each patient, the center assesses their mental and physical problems, the experience of substance abuse, and other important aspects.

Address: 3919 Hazard Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Experience Recovery

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During their stay in the sober house, the duration of which is defined according to the patient’s needs, clients are 24/7 monitored by medical specialists. They evaluate physical and emotional wellness and correct treatment course if necessary. The center provides access to entertainment facilities, various activities, and experimental therapies (yoga, meditation, art, music, and so on).

There are not so many customer reviews on Google, but most of them are positive. Customers are grateful for excellent facilities, great food, the possibilities for self-growth and competence of the staff. The center accepts various types of insurances and direct payments.

39. Everlast Recovery Centers

The center offers inpatient residential treatment with the whole range of essential services, including partial hospitalization, detox program, clinical management, and 24/7 monitored medical services. Every individual plan is made after the assessment of a person’s age, general physical and mental health, biology, the experience of substance abuse, and the severity of dependence.

Address: 6560 Sandy Ln, Riverside, CA 92505


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The inpatient program in Everlast Recovery takes from 30 to 90 days, depending on the patient’s needs. Through the course of treatment, clients visit individual and group sessions, learn identification of addiction nature, craving control, life, and coping skills, interpersonal and communicative skills, and so on. The staff aims at providing tools and skills to control the emotional and physical state, which contributes to long-term sobriety.

There are a few customer reviews found on the Net. The overall satisfaction rate is high – people are content with the quality of services and team competence. The facilities in Riverside are pretty cozy, and the staff really takes an individual approach to each client. Everlast center accepts direct payments and some types of insurance.

40. Stepping Stone of San Diego

Being present in the industry for over 40 years, Stepping Stone of San Diego center offers a comprehensive treatment of addictions (substances, drugs, alcohol), various mental disorders, and co-occurring diseases. It accepts adult patients of all ages and primarily serves to LGBTQ community – this is the center’s major. Thus, customers enjoy double support of their community.

Address: 3767 Central Ave, San Diego, CA 92105

Stepping Stone

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Each treatment plan is individualized, with the focus put on long-term rehabilitation options. During this course, clients visit individual and group meetings, stay engaged in various practices for anger management, relapse prevention, self-development, communicative skills, and so on. After graduating from the center, they also receive 12-week aftercare support. In case of any problems, they can address the staff and ask for help.

The majority of customer reviews on Google are positive. According to former clients, this place is safe and offers a comprehensive range of services for successful recovery, along with due support and care. It’s highly recommended for those who need the whole spectrum of therapies and enough supervision and guidance through their way to recovery.

The Importance of Drug Addiction Treatment

Under certain life circumstances, any person can become dependent on alcohol, drugs, violence, and other things. When the addiction becomes too serious, it destroys human lives. According to statistics, drug abuse becomes the cause of milions deaths every year. The worst thing about it is that it’s almost impossible to overcome it on one’s own. Addicted people need the support of their families and professional medical and psychological help.

Overcoming addiction is almost impossible on one’s own. A dependent person needs help of professionals. After receiving quality care and support, many rehab alumni manage to maintain sobriety, control their cravings and restore healthy life. There are hundreds of rehab centers located in California. This picturesque state with its vivid vibes and peaceful nature is perfect for maintaining seclusion and staying far from disruptive influence of the outer world.

Signs of Addiction

The longer a person uses drugs, the more indifferent he begins to relate to his own appearance. Some sloppy appearance appears. This is especially noticeable in girls, who are usually attentive to appearance. Drugs and alcohol make a person forget about all the principles and needs.

Addiction may be accompanied by the following external changes:

  • Long, untended nails;
  • A change in skin tone that looks unhealthy may be too pale or suspiciously red;
  • The unhealthy shine of the eyes, vascular damage;
  • Narrowing or expansion of the pupils;
  • Unnatural facial expression;
  • Skin irritation, the appearance of acne and inflammation;
  • Pronounced plaque in the tongue.

If the addict uses injectable forms of drugs, he tries to wear long-sleeved clothes, even in the warm weather to hide the characteristic traces of needles. Usually, drug addicts start with light drugs that they can make at home. In this case, a characteristic herbal smell appears in the house, which many try to kill with cigarettes. You can notice small bubbles and bottles, small spoons, syringes in the rooms. This indirectly indicates the use of narcotic substances.

Drugs also cause changes in health. Usually, addicts lose weight because they can forget about eating for several days. Strong substances have a detrimental effect on the digestive tract, which negatively affects the process of assimilation of vitamins and minerals. It also leads to rapid weight loss.

Addicts have a problem sleeping, they often wake up in the middle of a night, usually look apathetic and sleepy during the day. Prolonged use of narcotic substances causes the development of chronic runny nose, the appearance of frequent exacerbations of bronchitis. An experienced addict can give out yellowed teeth in combination with a strange bad breath.

Conditions Treated by Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation centers for drug addiction treatment are designed to treat a large number of dangerous addictions, including alcohol, meth, opioids, marijuana, prescription pain-killers, and other substances. Some centers work with specific types of dependence, including videogames, gambling, sex, etc.

Addiction treatment centers provide an individual approach to your addiction, which begins with the detoxification process. After the in-depth interview necessary to prepare you for your stay in the clinic, you will be offered methods of changing your behavior and exciting new tasks, such as psychodrama, art therapy, and group dynamics. Your rehabilitation ends with a reliable plan for your continued successful recovery.

Anyone Can Become a Patient

Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by an irresistible desire to use more and more drugs, regardless of the consequences. Any person suffering from drug addiction can benefit from staying in a rehabilitation facility for drug treatment.

Most rehabilitation centers for drug addicts provide a wide range of services that form the basis of the treatment that drug addicts can undergo instead of imprisonment. Drug treatment programs are available to help specific populations with different needs, such as:

  • Drug rehabilitation for youth;
  • Drug rehabilitation for adolescents;
  • 12-step program meetings;
  • Rehabilitation for alcoholics;
  • Rehabilitation for pregnant women or single parents with kids;
  • Suboxone drug rehabilitation for people with opioid addiction;
  • Crisis treatment during detoxification of certain drugs such as heroin.

Centers work with patients of any age and sex – it’s possible to find a suitable place and select an appropriate treatment program based on a person’s experience and needs.

About The Course of Treatment

The aim of the initial stage of treatment is to overcome the physiological dependence and withdrawal symptoms. In this case, the addict may experience severe pain, upset stomach, fever, and other disorders in the body. During this period, qualified assistance of specialists is required (sometimes, it’s provided anonymously). With the help of professionals and their advice, a person can get rid of addiction with less damage to health.

The second, even more, important, and long stage of treatment for drug addicts is psychological and social recovery. With the right approach, physiological dependence can be overcome in a few weeks, and the former lifestyle addicts sometimes take their whole lives to replace their lifestyle and thoughts.

Psychological and social factors are the main reason for returning to addiction after undergoing treatment. After leaving the clinic and falling into the old surroundings, the former drug addict again finds a dose and returns to his addiction. That is why specialists take an integrated approach for the treatment of drug addicts. This allows getting rid of addiction forever.

Goals of Treatment

What makes treatment is drug rehabilitation centers successful is the level of counseling, psychological support, training, and physical rehabilitation provided. Once a person agrees to undergo rehabilitation programs, doctors and experienced psychologists manage the process to make sure it goes smoother. As a rule, patients are provided with an individual treatment program, attend individual sessions, and group therapy programs.

Rehabilitation and addiction treatment sounds like torment for patients, but in fact, this process is aimed at relieving stress. In many drug addiction rehabilitation centers, patients spend time in a stress-free environment, take hot baths, swim, meditate, and read. They receive community support to prevent relapse and choose suitable treatment methods, for example, a 12-step program.

Drug rehabilitation can include family participation, during which patient’s relatives learn about the disease and the role that they can play in the future recovery. The programs of the rehabilitation centers are designed to consistently achieve intermediate goals.

The following goals are relevant:

  • Awareness and acceptance of the fact of alcohol/substance addiction.
  • Understanding the damaging effects of dependence on your life.
  • A study of internal resources to fight the disease.
  • Search for personal motivation for giving up alcohol/drugs.
  • Fighting guilt, low self-esteem.
  • Formation of new interests, new life goals and objectives.
  • Gaining experience communicating with other addicts, looking at one’s problem from the side.
  • Phased implementation of tasks and gaining control over desires and thoughts.
  • Loss of interest in alcohol/drugs, formation of a new lifestyle.

While participating in the rehabilitation program, the addict solves not only internal problems, but also addresses urgent external tasks:

  • Restores relationships with family.
  • Outlines new guidelines and goals in life, starts working on their achievement.
  • Chooses a new interesting profession and hobbies.

Any rehabilitation course is phased, long-term and continuous. When it comes to early acute dependence treatment stages, the duration of treatment is from 35 days (short course) to 90 days (long course). For relapse prevention, some patients choose to stay in a rehab from 6 to 12 months and longer. In every case, the approach is individual.

Practice shows that the most important condition and principle for the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism is the isolation of the patient until the stabilization of sobriety. That is why rehabs are preferable: on the one hand, they provide comfortable conditions for therapy, rehabilitation, and accommodation, and on the other hand, they guarantee complete restriction of the patient’s contacts with undesirable surroundings and people.

Ways to Persuade a Person to Undergo Rehabilitation

The desire to help loved one cope with his/her addiction is always accompanied by the question “How to persuade to undergo treatment?” Not able to find the necessary words, family members focus on intimidation, put pressure on the addicted person, talk rudely, and threaten a person. Sometimes, relatives are afraid of communicating with an addict – they expect denial and refusal.

Why does treatment fail? An alcoholic or drug addict is entirely influenced by the substances that caused these addictions. Even if he does not use them at the moment, all the same, this dependence sits firmly on the level of consciousness. Dependent people cannot recognize their disease, and they are confident that they can quit at any time. But practice shows it’s barely possible. The longer they ignore the problem, the harder it is to resist the craving.

Another reason for the unwillingness to undergo treatment is the lack of faith in the result of treatment and the low trust in specialists in the field of treatment and rehabilitation from drug addiction and alcoholism. And usually, the drug addict has already received bad experience in the treatment of drug addiction, and this significantly affected the trust and negatively affected the desire to receive treatment again.

If you can’t succeed, or you just don’t know how to persuade for treatment and rehabilitation, you should consult a psychologist or addiction specialist. A professional consultant will help you choose the words necessary for motivation, give some examples of what facts you need to show the dependent, in which tone to speak.

If that does not help, you can invite a specialist to your home for a motivational conversation and persuade the dependent person to undergo a treatment program. In some cases, that helps.

How to Select a Rehab

There are several signs confirming the effectiveness of a rehab:

  1. Rehabilitation services cannot be cheap. Rehabs offering 60- or 90-day programs may charge from $12,000 to $60,000. The price includes meals and accommodation for patients, psychologist services, work with the patient’s family, and counseling after the course.
  2. The institution should always be open to relatives of patients and representatives of public organizations. In legal centers where they work efficiently according to the rules and legal regulations, there is nothing to hide.
  3. The organization must have positive reviews and real people who can confirm that they underwent rehabilitation in it and stay in full remission.
  4. Center specialists are always ready to talk, answer questions regarding the organization of patient stay, the rehabilitation process, and can present diplomas confirming their qualifications.

Organizations working without licenses do not have a fixed cost of rehabilitation, which means they can charge you as much as they want. Avoid such places.

In the institution where the rehabilitation is paying off, they are engaged not only with the addict but also with his relatives and the immediate environment, conducting complex work, involving the maximum number of people who can positively impact the patient in the treatment process.

After passing the detox program, there is no need to choose a rehabilitation center that specializes in a particular drug a person has been using.

It’s very important to find a qualified psychologist and communicate with patients who understand what you are experiencing. If you choose a drug rehabilitation center, ask about the number of patients who are recovering from a similar addiction.

About payment options

Although the price of inpatient drug treatment may seem prohibitive, the costs of continuing to use the drug are immeasurable. Take into account not only the costs of your health and well-being but also the costs of your family and society as a whole. Many health insurance companies provide extensive drug rehabilitation coverage, which is enough even for 90-day treatment programs can, while others can extend your treatment to seven or fewer days.

Inpatient drug treatment without insurance may be covered by certain government programs. Some of them require you to conclude financial contracts.

Rehabilitation at a drug treatment center may be supported by the person’s employer, especially if it expects the person to be able to return to work after the treatment.