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Hi, everyone!

My name is Jennifer Davis, and I’m a devoted researcher of rehabilitation centers for alcohol and drug addicts all over the USA. Having experience of treatment in such a center myself, I realized that modern programs and facilities aren’t equally comfortable and efficient for patients. Some rehabs leave a lot to be desired, while others do live up to customers’ expectations and provide a comprehensive range of services. For me, it took five long years to finally find a decent rehab where the staff is truly interested in patients’ health, not just the money they pay.

Each addict has a particular experience of substance abuse and certain requirements. The choice of rehab depends on a variety of factors, including the co-occurring diseases, type of addiction, psychological issues and traumas, willingness to communicate with others, and budget. My primary goal is to help families struggling with the addiction problem to find a suitable treatment modality and place providing it. When writing my rehabilitation guides, I perform a thorough research of every rehab and customer reviews – that gives my dear readers a detailed insight into the organizations.

I DO believe that we all want to be a better version of ourselves, and any dependence can be combatted by resolving inner conflicts. Substance addiction is a great hindrance on the way to a happy life: it’s a disease that should be treated by professionals. I hope that my ultimate reviews of rehabilitation services in every USA state will help you make a life-changing decision and save your loved one from the vicious circle of self-destruction.

Sincerely yours, Jennifer
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